was created in November 2014 to pursue three main objectives.

In the first place, the company is aimed at the organization, production and fundraising of events directly related to creative industries.

It is noteworthy that TRANSIT ENTERTAINMENT is currently developing and organizing the eighth edition of
BIFF-Bogota International Film Festival 
which will take place in 2022. Secondly, TRANSIT ENTERTAINMENT facilitates the marketing of all goods and services resulting from creative industries such as films, books, music records, paintings, among others, by expanding the promotion and distribution of these goods and services to traditional promotion channels and by facilitating the entry of alternative sources
of funding for their creators.

Last but not least, TRANSIT ENTERTAINMENT aims to provide international projects consulting services from the initial stages of development,
including budgeting, legal aspects,
marketing and business strategy, and participation in specialized markets
and festivals of the entertainment industry worldwide.

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